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Respiratory Care

Advancing respiratory health through innovative therapies

Hill-Rom® Respiratory Care

Insurance Coverage

Widely Accepted

Our homecare products are widely accepted and…

  • Prescribed for more than 151,000 people with airway clearance needs.
  • Prescribed by more than 30,000 physicians nationwide.
  • Approved for payment by more than 1,500 commercial insurance companies and government-funded payers annually.

Committed to Helping You

Thinking about the costs surrounding medical equipment can be costly and complicated. Hill-Rom recognizes this and we want to make this process smooth and stress free.

If acquiring our medical equipment is a financial burden, we have a Patient Assistance Program to help you.

Patient Assistance Program

Hill-Rom has created a Patient Assistance Program to help eligible patients gain access to The Vest® Airway Clearance System and The VitalCough® System.

Some clients do not have private insurance, government assistance, or the ability to pay for the devices and equipment without financial help. The Patient Assistance Program helps clients who lack adequate resources to pay for the devices and equipment.

Patients or healthcare providers may contact the Patient Assistance Program by calling (800) 426-4224 or by email at

*The patient assistance program supports citizens of the U.S. only.

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