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Respiratory Care

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Importance of Respiratory Health

When lungs are not kept clear, mucus can build up and create an environment for germs to grow which may lead to an infection. Respiratory infections can spiral into a viscous cycle which may lead to airway obstruction, lung damage and respiratory failure.

3D Animation Video - Airway Clearance Anatomy & Physiology 

3D Animation Video - Anatomy of a Cough

Regardless of your underlying disease or condition, a primary focus of your respiratory health should be to avoid secretion retention which may help prevent or break the viscous cycle of recurrent infection.

Here are the more common diseases and conditions that contribute to retained secretions and which may benefit by using one of the Hill-Rom Respiratory Care products:


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There are a variety of therapy options used to mobilize secretions and expand the lungs. Most commonly people will use multiple airway clearance techniques or therapies depending on their disease or condition. Consult with your physician or therapist to find a treatment protocol that is the best suited for you.

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