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Respiratory Care

Advancing respiratory health through innovative therapies

Hill-Rom® Respiratory Care


Hill-Rom's Respiratory Care products work to improve airway clearance.  Retained secretions in the airways may lead to increased infection, hospitalization, and reduced lung function.  The MetaNeb® System, The Vest® System, and The VisiVest™ System mobilize retained secretions in the lower airways while The VitalCough® System removes secretions from the upper airways.

Hill-Rom is pleased to introduce The VisiVest™ System, comprised of The Vest® System and The VisiView™ Health Portal.  It is the first airway clearance system to combine market-leading HFCWO technology with Bluetooth® connectivity.  The VisiView™ Health Portal is designed to provide secure, automatic usage feedback.  The system fosters a closer partnership between patients and health care teams, so treatment decisions* can be more tailored and responsive allowing for better therapy adherence.

*The VisiView Health Portal displays data about vest usage.  It does not make care decision recommendations.

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