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Outcomes Monitoring: 5 Day Survey - MONARCH Airway Clearance System

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Outcomes Monitoring: 5 Day Survey - MONARCH System
Usage Information
Follow these steps to obtain your Hour Meter Reading (HMR) and Serial Number. From the Main screen, select ‘Menu’, ‘Device Information’, ‘General’, and finally ‘System Information’. Your HMR and Serial Number will appear, input that information below.
If you are away from your device, type the number 0 in the hours of use field and check the "Not Available" box.

Thinking about your recent in-home appointment, please tell me how much you agree with the next four statements about the trainer using a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is strongly agree and 0 is strongly disagree.
Have you made any adjustments to the settings since beginning therapy?*

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