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Comparison Guide

Design Matters When Selecting an Airway Clearance System

The Vest® System with True Flow™ design includes a uniquely designed airflow generator that delivers a comfortable, consistent air volume to the garment.  This results in predictable airflow performance.1

True Flow™ Design Delivers Airflow Performance

Proven Clinical Outcomes

Currently in its 5th generation, The Vest® System has more than 25 years of peer-reviewed clinical articles.  In one study, 94% of patients who used The Vest® System had better than expected lung function scores after an average of 22 months based on the previous two years of manual CPT.3-6

Head to Head Comparison

Why Choose The Vest® System?

The Vest® System by Hill-Rom has a True Flow™ design that results in more airflow.1  Airflow bias is required for appropriate secretion movement.7,8  The Vest® System has more than 25 years of peer-reviewed clinical articles with proven clinical outcomes.  Patients who choose The Vest® System may experience better mobilization of retained secretions helping them to Breathe a Little Easier™.



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