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Life2000® Ventilator

The Life2000 Ventilator is a 1-lb non-invasive ventilator that offers a mask-free ventilatory support for patients in acute care.

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Life2000® Ventilator

The Life2000 Ventilator is a 1-lb. volume-control non-invasive ventilator designed to provide ventilatory support for patients with mild to moderate respiratory distress, and offers a way to transition and support patients as they discontinue conventional mechanical ventilation and recover as they prepare for discharge. The device uses Proportional Open Ventilation® (POV®) technology to provide a mask-free interface that supports patient comfort and may help prevent challenges with traditional options such as tolerance to pressure modes or skin breakdown with a tightly fitted mask.

Which Patients Benefit?

The Life2000® Ventilation System is a non-invasive ventilation option that, when applied to the right pateint at the right time, can provide the important therapeutic benefits of ventilation plus ambulation and may also be billed.  These patients may include:

  • Patients with COPD and chronic respiratory failure (CRF)
  • COPD patients hospitalized with exacerbations, who would benefit from ambulation
  • Patients who need help weaning from a high flow nasal cannula in order to go home
  • Post-operative patients who would benefit from ventilation support as they recover and mobilize

Hospital Care Areas

  • ICU step-down units
  • Post-surgical units
  • General floors

Technical Specifications

Ventilation Modes: Assist, Assist/Control, Control with Apean backup

Tidal Volume: Up to 2000 mL (via Ventury effect)

Maximum Positive Inspiratory Pressure: 40 cmH2O

Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP): 0-10 cmH2O